Customise your modernizr build using npm

Using the modernizr CLI, combined with some npm action, you can craft a custom modernizr bundle, serving a reduced download size for your users, by only including the specific feature detects you actually need.

Setup modernizr bundle config

Grab a copy of modernizr, via npm:

npm i modernizr --save

Create the following modernizr.json file:

  "feature-detects": [

Replace the above config with whatever settings you require. Check out the full list of options over on modernizr's github repo.

Modernizr CLI

Run the following command to build your optimised modernizr bundle:

./node_modules/.bin/modernizr -uc ./modernizr.json -d ./modernizr.min.js

What's that now?

  1. -uc - The u is for uglify, and the c is to specify a custom config file (./modernizr.json).
  2. -d - The destination for the compiled bundle (./modernizr.min.js).


With a real simple build step to your project, you can save on download size, and code complexity, by reducing your modernizr bundle size. Totally worth it.

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